The Laser Light Hair Clinic welcomes you to discover an exciting scientific break through as helped thousand of men and women in the US alone. The only holistic approach to hair loss.  Clinicallytested without the use of drugs, surgery, with absolutely NO Side Effects! The following FDA guidelines, Laser Light Hair Therapy (LLHT) safe and effective with guaranteed results.

Cool, safe Laser Light Hair Therapy treatments, clinically proven to stop hair loss.

  • Stop excessive hair loss caused by gentetic male and female pattern baldness
  • Thicken exsiting hair by 25%
  • Increase new hair regrowth in 87% of patients tested and will improve hair quality
  • Increase blood circulation to the scalp, deliverying oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb
  • Helps reverse the negative effects of chemical product damage
  • Most successful and safe hair regrowth method offered in the free world

( Printed by the Health Referral Publication, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Spring 2001)

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