Why We Lose Hair

There are many reasons hair loss occurs, stress, menopause, disease, illness, poor diet, trauma, scalp disorders, excessive chemical processing, medication, etc.. However, the most common cause of male and female pattern baldness do to the build up DHT (Die Hidro Testosterone) in the hair bulb chamber. This clogging process is cause from a malfunctioning of the sebaceous gland, this gland is an appendage of each hair follicle, producting sebum as a natural protectent for the hair and scalp. Genetic programming induces the gland to become over active, producing moresebum then necessary, filling the hair chamber with sebum, carring with it DHTwhich clings to the walls of the chamber. Over time, this process makes it impossible for the vascular system to continue flowing and cleaning these areas, making little or no passage of blood flow, oxygen or nutrients to the hair bulb, minaturizing the hair making it smaller and smaller, at the same time DHT begins to harden. As time passes, the condition worsens and the hair dies from lack of vital nutrients. This diminishing life of the haircan be stopped and the hair rehabilitated through Low Laser Light Hair Therapy (LLLHT).

Low level Laser Light Hair Therapy treatments can stop hair loss and in most cases reverse this distructive process. The lasers coherent light at the correct wave length, penetrates the scalp tissue dramadically increasing blood flow. This starts a mircro-biological chain of events, opening the capillaries, bringin life giving oxygen to the hair follicle and rehabilitating the still active hair. Softening the DHT allowing the vascular system to remove some of the debrie. At the same time, begins a procsses of slowing and normalizing the sebaceous gland, correcting the production of sebum in to the hair chamber. Over time thebody will recognize this slowing process over six to a nine month period of time, healing itself and maintaining the production speed of sebum on its own. The success reate of permentate results world wide is 87%. However, the remaining 13% of the population can still enjoy their hair for life by continuing treatments with either a hand held laser device at home or continuing booster treatments at our laser clinic. Hand held scalp lasers can be obtained at Laser Light Hair Clinic @ 847-298-HAIR.